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M. Night Shanatheism

Old story.  So there we (me and da Bunny (aka my wife)) were at our local grocery store.  We had a bunch of atheist bumper stickers on our car at the time (magnetized so we could switch them around or go stealth if needed).  And of course we were quite used to dirty looks from passing believers of various stripes.

So we were walking back to our car with our groceries and noticed a pair of Little Old Ladies© loading their groceries into their trunk next to our car.  They would occasionally glance at our bumper stickers while doing this.  We loaded our groceries into our car (a tad quicker than the Little Old Ladies©) and got into the car ready to go.  That’s when it happened.

One of the Little Old Ladies© came over to the passenger side window and tapped on it.  Da Bunny and I glanced at each other in apprehension.  And then turned to the Little Old Lady© and rolled down the window.  She looked around, leaned into the window and said (as we braced ourselves), “I just wanted to say we love your bumper stickers”.

Not what we were expecting.  But in the end that is the reason for having atheist bumper stickers on there in the first place.  To let other atheists know that they are not alone.  Sure we may get frequent fingers and dirty looks but every time we get a thumbs up or a quick honk we know we have made a connection.  And that’s what its all about.


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